Policies and Plans

Dinnington St John's Town Council works tirelessly to improve the area for its residents.  In doing so, councillors commit to maintain high standards of conduct and, as accountable community leaders, they agree to carry out their duties with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

As part of that commitment to open and transparent working, councillors are pleased to make the following documents available for viewing in the public domain...

Code of Conduct

Guidelines by which councillors are expected to conduct themselves in their dealings with each other, with council staff and the community.

Read the full code of conduct document.

Declarations of pecuniary interest for each councillor can be found with their entries on the councillors page.

Complaints Policy

Describes how a complaint against the council's procedures and administration can be submitted and processed.

Read the full complaints policy document.

Communications Policy

A policy of openness and leadership demands excellent communications and this document sets out how we intend to achieve that excellence.

Read the full communications policy document.

Data Protection Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Data Protection Policy 2018

Details how the council will protection personal information and respond in the very unlikely event there is a data breach. Read the full data protection policy

Document Retention & Disposal Policy

Details how long the council will retain documents. Read the full document retention & disposal policy

Financial Regulations

Describes how the Town Clerk, as the Responsible Financial Officer, keeps the council's finances in order and prepares accounts.

Read the full financial regulations document on the 'Financial' page.

Standing Orders

The rules by which all council business is conducted, governing all council and committee meetings, minutes, accounting, even dealings with the media.

Read the full standing orders document.

Recording of Council Meetings

The law was changed in August 2014 that made it legal to record and film council meetings. In order to facilitate this change and to allow recording in such a way that it does not disrupt the flow of meetings or those in attendance, and provides certain protections (e.g. filming of minors) a policy has been developed that is in line with standard policies across the country. Anyone wishing to film or record a council meeting is advised to read the full policy, which is available here, before recording or filming a meeting.

Emergency Plan

Covering everything from snow to major disasters, this plan identifies local risks and resources and coordinates with surrounding areas and organisations.

Publication Scheme

Details the information that can be obtained from the council and, if applicable, any associated fees that may apply. Publication scheme

Equal Opportunities Policy

The council's Equal Opportunities Policy can be read here.

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