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Grants and Donations

Throughout the year the town council has awarded a number of grants to community groups.  A Community Grant is a sum of money that the town council allocates to a local community group to help them take steps to improve the area in some way – perhaps to support a specific group of people, or the wider community.  You can seek funding to help with the purchase of equipment, rental fees, telephone charges etc.

Some local groups/initiatives to benefit from grants and donations in the last couple of years include:

  • Dinnington Coronavirus Action Group
  • Dinnington Town Football Club
  • British Legion: for Dinnington Festival of Remembrance
  • Various Boxing Clubs
  • Salvation Army: to support the Dinnington food bank
  • Purchase of 3 x defibrillators for Dinnington
  • Grant towards refurbishment of Davies Park


A donation may be awarded when the council feels it cannot offer the amount requested as a grant, but would still like to contribute to the cause.  A maximum grant of £100 is allowed for each applicant only.

Who can apply?

Applications can be made by groups and organisations who reside or work within the Dinnington St John’s electoral ward.

Download an application form and more information: 

Application form