The Town Council owns one large allotment site on Silverdales, centrally located between Byron Road and Silverdales and with forty plus plots of various sizes, which are currently all occupied.

The site is accessed through double gates opening up into a parking area off the end of Byron Road with a pedestrian-only gate coming into the site from the opposite side.

The site is serviced with a water supply via four standpipes strategically placed between the two main rows of plots. Fees are paid annually each January.

Plot Fees for 2018 are:

Large Plots: £23.00 per annum
Small Plots: £17.50 per annum

Allotment gardening has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and the town council members are particularly pleased to see this worthwhile pastime and hobby being taken up by families and younger members of the community.

There is a waiting list which at the moment has an approximate waiting time of 2 years. Residents of Dinnington have priority on the waiting list, but once exhausted, plots are then allocated to applicants who reside outside of the parish boundary.

Please contact us for information on renting an allotment on the Silverdales site.

location of allotments

Silverdale allotments

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